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    Spring/Summer 2021



    Sage and Ivy celebrates feminity through delicate and daring fashion inspired by a profound love for history, folklore and arts. Inspired by craftsmanship, traditional handwork and precious fabrics all across Europe.

    Ideas and drawings are meticulously crafted into unique pieces by small workshops and ateliers where fashion is still an expression of the imagination.Each collection tells a fairy-tale, each single piece bears its own soul. Beneath their glamour Sage and Ivy products hide a engaged activism that aims for the valorization of craftsmanship and environmental awareness.



    Alexia van der Leegte-van Engelen grew up marvelling at fashion’s behind-the-scenes magic when accompanying her mother working as a fashion PR for Laura Ashley. She spent her childhood years envisioning the edgy beauty that she graces women with today. Her mother is still her biggest inspiration.

    Alexia first completed her Master in International Business at the University of Maastricht before she set out to study Fashion Design at Istituto Marangoni in Milan. In January 2010 Alexia established her fashion brand Sage and Ivy.

    Alexia’s work exudes a profound love for history, folklore and art.


    Sage and Ivy creates fashion while focusing on an environmentally-friendly and ethical approach, to make sure the beauty of today will not harm the brightness of the future. We believe true beauty comes from within, therefore we fuel each piece with pure love and happiness.  Sage and Ivy hides engaged activism that aims for the valorization of craftsmanship, ethical responsibility, and environmental awareness. We are certain you can feel this profound dedication for a bright future while wearing Sage and Ivy.

    From design to production, we continuously evaluate our product’s life cycle, through an environmentally conscious perspective. We carefully select our fabrics and accessories and use environmental-friendly materials when possible. No animal, or human, is harmed by our choices.

    Sage and Ivy’s pieces aren’t garments, they’re a piece of art. We choose quality over quantity. Each piece is accompanied by a label that encourages sustainable caring and washing practices, to keep the pieces beautiful and to prevent waste.

    Each person who works in our atelier or workshops is a specialist or a craftsman, which we dearly treasure. Our ateliers and workshops are based across Europe and work to European standards. An open and honest environment is important to us, therefore we visit our ateliers and workshops regularly.

    logo Sage and Ivy


    2020 | augustus Backpackdairies

    2020 | juli Tiany Kiriloff

    2020 | juni Julie loeck, Newsweek Belguim

    2020 | april Lonneke Nootenboom

    2020 | februari Jill Rocket

    2019 | december Alexia van der Leegte, cover Navenant

    2019 | november Kelly Weekers

    2019 | mei princes Marilene van Oranje Nasseau

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    Starting in 2015, Alexia expanded her brand with a tailoring service custom fitting unique designs for individual clients. This couture collection is the ultimate manifestation of her passion for precious fabrics and her signature feminine style, and therefore carries nothing but her name: ‘Alexia’.

    Once a design is adapted to fit the client like a glove, the actual couture piece is then made in a specialised atelier in Germany from the highest quality French and Italian fabrics.




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